Our Story

On the way to your cup, Roasting Plant coffee travels from the world's best plantations through the cutting-edge technology in our stores. Click on each step of our process below to follow its journey.

  • The Finest Beans
  • Long before it's brewed, Roasting Plant coffee starts as top-quality beans harvested from the world’s greatest estates.
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  • Roasted to Perfection
  • Since no two bean varietals are the same, each batch of our coffee gets a custom roast to release its fullest flavor and aroma.
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  • Javabot
  • Roasting Plant’s proprietary system uses custom-designed pneumatic tubes to produce the freshest cup of coffee on the market today.
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  • The Perfect Cup
  • Whether you buy beans from our website or order a brew at our retail locations, Roasting Plant guarantees a cup that’s second to none.
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