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Mocha Java Blend is the world’s oldest recorded coffee blend. "Mocha" was the world’s first commercial coffee out there and "Java" beans belonged to a then Dutch colony. Here we have created our very own Mocha Java Blend, combining traditional elements essential to the blend utilizing two of our most stellar, polar-opposite single origin offerings, Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi and Sumatra Red Badger.

The "Mocha" element within this blend (generally Yemen beans named after what was at one time the world’s one and only coffee trading port for 200 years) is happily interchanged with their just-across-the-Red-Sea doppelganger, Ethiopian Sidamo Ardi. The "Java" (Indonesian bean) element in our Blend is updated using Sumatra Red Badger, another Indonesian bean, which because of its traditional small-scale farm processing methods is likely closer in profile to the original Java bean than any Java Estate offering you are likely to find today.

Combining complementary opposites is a typical blending philosophy. Here, the fruity acidity of the Sidamo gives vibrancy and depth to the low acid, deeper Sumatra, while the more mellow, fuller Sumatra helps to balance out the wildness of the Sidamo. The result is compellingly full-bodied, yet fruity. Juicy berry combines with an aromatic bouquet of sage and thyme and a zesty twist adds finesse to this extraordinary blend.

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