Bali Blue Moon Organic



The very special cup expresses itself as extra bold with a mellow vivacity. Reminiscent of deep, earthy malt tangled with lemongrass, cereal milk, and chocolate graham, the flavor evolves as it cools in the cup, and a hint of pine can be detected. The flavor wheel of this coffee balances the boldness of the cup.  This bean is a favorite of many of us here at Roasting Plant, and has been a long time Roasting Plant enthusiast favorite! 

The Farm Story

In Indonesia, the island of Bali is a Coffee hidden paradise. The eruption of the Gunung Agung Volcano in 1963 caused a delay in the progress of modern-day coffee cultivation on Bali. In response to this situation, the government launched programs to help rejuvenate coffee production.

With the distribution of coffee seedlings to local farmers, an island-wide coffee growing campaign began. Today, the coffee growing area in Bali is an estimated 7,500 hectares. Coffee tree varieties include Bourbon and Typica, along with shade trees such as Erythrina, Albizia, Tangerine, and Orange.

The use of pesticides is prohibited and all fertilizers are 100% organic.

Coffee farmers in Kintamani are strongly organized through Subak Abian (SA), a traditional structure of farmer known in the upland areas of Bali. SA plays an important role not only in agricultural activities but also religious activities. Founded on the Hindu philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana” (the three causes of happiness), great importance is placed on the relationship of the individual to God, to other people, and to his or her environment. SA democratically establishes its own written rules (“awig-awig”) and also works to form village cooperatives.

What is special about our Bali Blue Moon?

The promotion of improved coffee growing practices is expected to enhance not only agricultural technology but social and economic standing in Bali as well.


Bourbn and Typica
1300 to 1700m
Hand-Picked, wet hulled & sun dried.
Rainforest Alliance

Flavor Profile

Full Bodied & Bold
Flavors and Aromas
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Smooth
  • Full Bodied
  • mild

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