Brazil Serra Perola Negra



With distinct notes of cashew, vanilla, black molasses, and milk chocolate, this coffee is prepared by an outstanding mill in Pocos de Caldas. The outcome of this processing means fewer defects, size consistency and beans that are never overheated. The removal of parchment before export keeps the bean tasting “fresh “ longer in its green form. When Roasting Plant receives this bean all of this allows the roast to be more even and allows us to have better control achieving the perfect roasting profile. All of this care and expertise allows us to bring out the best of Brazil’s innate flavors to each cup.

The Farm Story


Serra Perola Negra is a name created many years ago by a specialty coffee pioneer in Brazil, working with individual fazendas, and co-ops promoting transparency. His vision was to create a lot that would be ensuring a specific taste and quality consistency year after year. It is one of the most consistent cups from Brazil we’ve ever found.

Minas Gerais, Brazil
Caturra Catuai yellow and red bourbon Catuai,Typica, Catimore and many more
The cherries are pulped then dried in the sun on a wide patio, and carefully finished in rotating mechanical dryers. Natural, the cherries are picked mechanically and dried on Patio.
Direct Relationship

Flavor Profile

Mild & Smooth
Flavors and Aromas
  • Caramelized Cashews
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Black Molasses
  • Cashew Butter
  • soft

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