Colombian Sugar Cane Decaf



With a rich plush body, and subtle brown sugar sweetness, notes of rum, toffee and lime create a perfect decaf cup that is natural and fully traceable. An ideal solution for those sensitive to caffeine or just looking for a full-bodied decaf option!

The Farm Story

Our Decaf comes from the beloved Planadas village in the department of Tolima in Colombia, where the association Agprocem formed. The members united their efforts in their mills to create a uniform more considerable lot, all processed using the washed method, then sun-dried before being sent for decaffeination. Agprocem counts 61 families producing Caturra, Castillo, and Typica varieties mainly. The farms of the association range between 1700 and 2000 m.

This lot was sourced before decaffeination, a new way of better managing quality straight from the farm. Before Decaf was sourced mainly from an offer list of importers sending larger lots to large decaffeination plants. By selecting before decaffeination, we are able to provide the highest quality water and E.A. (sugar cane) processed products available.

For many years, Colombia was the number-one world producer of washed coffees and the second-largest producer to Brazil. Today they are currently in the top five of coffee production with roughly 10 million bags per year.

What is the Sugar Cane decaffeination process?

In short, this process starts by fermenting molasses sugars derived from sugar cane to create ethanol. The ethanol is then mixed with acetic acid (found naturally in vinegar) to create the ethyl acetate compound, or E.A. The coffee then steamed to open up its pores. E.A. is applied with water, which dissolves the caffeine. Coffee is then separated and filtered out of the tank. Lastly, the coffee is steamed a second time to remove any leftover E.A. — it is then dried and packaged for shipment to us!  The steaming avoids high heat or pressure that other processes use, protecting the actual cell structure of green coffee, leading to a better tasting bean that maintains more robust flavors!

Planadas Tolima Associacion Agprocem
Caturra Typica and Castillo
5,500 ft to 6,565ft
Fully Washed, All-Natural Artisanal Sugar Cane Ethyl Actetate Decaffeination

Flavor Profile

Mild & Sweet
Flavors and Aromas
  • Rum Barrel
  • Toffee
  • Fig Jam
  • Lime
  • Rich
  • Plush Mouthfeel
  • Sweet

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