Jamaica Blue Mountain: St. Andrews Farmer Cooperative



A world-famous bean with a stunning equilibrium with a splendid rich flavor of lemongrass, cedar, toast, and subtle honey finish this Jamaica Blue Mountian is coffee at its best. This version of JBM adds intensity and vigor, and this cup expresses itself as one of the most charismatic coffees ever to pass your lips.

The Farm Story

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is exceptional and world-renowned. It’s consistently the highest-priced coffee globally (outside of an auction system). The country is blessed with some of the best coffee growing conditions in the world and the highest quality farms and stringent production standards.

A typical Jamaican farmer will pick their own "cherry-berry" and drop them off at large private estates, where they are carefully examined and graded before being prepared purchased, and processed into some of the most amazing coffee in the world.

In 2014, a young Jamaican coffee farmer named Arthur McGowan, who founded the Jamaican Coffee Farmers Association, a private company, invested in processing the coffee of about 250 small producers in Jamaica. The idea was to band together to process their coffee. Since then, Arthur has grown his landholdings to include 85 acres of the coffee farm on several parcels and has built processing and collection facilities to control the very high quality of the green coffee he now sells under the Trumpet Tree brand.

Arthur's farms, which are represented in the Trumpet Tree coffee, are called Flamstead Estates, Good Hope, and Constitution Hill Farms. Trumpet Tree also has buying stations set up in West Phalia, Penlyne Castle, Clydesdale, and Cinchona. Coffees are purchased here from smallholder farmers and brought to the company's facility on Constitution Hill for processing. The coffees are de-pulped, mucilage, and dried mechanically. They are rested for approximately eight weeks before being hulled and are hand-sorted by a staff of 40 employees.

Jamaica Blue Mountains, Saint Andrew Parish
Typica, Blue Mountian, Gesha
2,700ft – 3,937ft

Flavor Profile

Balanced & Bright
Flavors and Aromas
  • Honey
  • Lemongrass
  • Plush Mouthfeel
  • Brisk

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