Freshly roasted coffee is the key to a great cup. We've spent years developing the most advanced roasting system in the world and a completely integrated in-store coffee system. Our Javabot system captures the expertise of our Roast Master so that you can order the best beans in the world to brew at home. 

These precisely roasted beans should be carefully ground and brewed seconds prior to consumption from beans that have, ideally,  been roasted no more than seven to ten days prior to brewing. So buy only what you need for a week or two. If you want the absolute best cup of coffee, there is no other way!

In our cafes, Javabot's integrated brewing system is designed to empower our baristas to produce the best coffee drinks possible, from freshly roasted beans, exactly the way you want them, typically in less than a minute. Our latest system in London can actually self-monitor and correct to ensure the exact "total dissolved solids" in every cup according to Gen's specific recipes for every drink. 

When you order a cup at Roasting Plant you're ordering directly from your barista. They handle the entire order and are there to make sure that it's perfect every time. Most coffee shops have cashiers that hand your order off to a barista who works behind the coffee machines while you wait for your drink and hope they get it right.
We love Detroit and spent a day with customers at our downtown Campus Martius location asking them why they've made us Motown's favorite coffee shop. We hope that you'll enjoy the video... and a cup at any of our roastery cafes in NYC, Detroit, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco or London.
Just Roasted, It's all about the taste
The taste is consistently smooth and full-flavored with wonderful aroma and no stale after taste.

The science explains why:

The Specialty Coffee Association teamed with Zurich University of Applied Sciences to produce the Coffee Freshness Handbook (April 2018). In this exhaustive study (one of the most recent) regarding coffee freshness, there were a number of significant conclusions:

  • Roasted coffee is highly volatile and stales quickly after roasting. 
  • Key flavor and aroma compounds degrade dramatically after 7 to 10 days and the natural oils in coffee become rancid, contributing a bad after-taste.
  • Freezing roasted coffee doesn't extend freshness until -40 degrees (C or F... that's where they cross -- cool, huh?) or below.
  • There are many methods employed by the coffee industry in an attempt to slow staling but none can stop it.
  • Ground coffee stales almost immediately as every surface of the coffee is exposed to oxygen.

According to Zurich University's Coffee Excellence Head, Dr. Chahan Yeretzian, cup quality has three primary elements: freshness, customization and consistency. He said that, "freshness means getting the best out of our beans. It is at the heart of what we value within the specialty coffee community and can mean the difference between a truly unique experience versus a mediocre on. Customization begins with listening to the customers, and offering opportunities to find their very personal preferences. Then, consistency reflects the skills and training of those involved in preparing the customer's individual cup."

We think Professor Chahan sums it up nicely and at Roasting Plant we think our tagline does the same: Just Roasted. Just Brewed. Just for You.
...and we can't wait to serve you!


Just-Roasted. Just-Brewed. ` Just for You.

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