At Roasting Plant, we believe that every person deserves a perfect cup of coffee. No exceptions.

So we travel the planet in search of the highest grade specialty coffee beans and utilize our own state of the art roasting technology called Javabot to deliver a just-roasted, brewed-by-the-cup experience. 

Every time.

Founded on Innovation

Roasting Plant® was started in NYC by an industrial engineer and coffee lover who wanted everyone to experience the amazing taste of coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans.


Selecting our Beans:

What do Hawaii, Indonesia, Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia have in common? Well, probably not too much other than the fact that they produce some of the most exceptional and distinct coffee in the world. Our journey for the perfect cup begins by sourcing our beans from traditional farmers who take pride in producing exceptional and award winning coffee selections. Learn more about our Beans!


Freshly Roasted:

So, we developed Roasting Plant’s Javabot™ system that combines the art and science of coffee preparation.  Javabot takes green coffee beans, roasts them to the perfect profile, moves them to clear storage chambers where they are kept only during the brief period they are at the peak of flavor. When you order, Javabot sends your beans to the grinder and then moves them to the brewer to finish the process that delivers the perfect cup of coffee.





Roasted coffee goes stale after 7 to 10 days.  Roasting Plant has a roaster in each store and roasts its coffee daily. Roasting Plant coffee is always fresh!


Every time a customer orders a cup of coffee, freshly roasted beans are ground and brewed. Quicker and more consistent than a pour-over!


Roasting Plant is at the forefront of the industry— using technology and innovation to create a customized, premium cup of coffee with every brew.





Learn about our Process


Just Roasted. Just for you.

Just-roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep.
All orders of $20 and over ship FREE. A low flat rate charge of $5.99 covers all orders falling under $20.