Better Coffee is the Mother of Invention

Roasting is the key to unlocking the tantalizing flavors and aromas of coffee. It brings out luscious caramel and toasted-nut compounds inside the bean, creating that heady smell that coffee lovers crave. It’s also a delicate process that requires a mix of technological expertise and practical know-how to perfect.

At Roasting Plant, we put years of research and coffee-industry experience into the creation of our state-of-the-art, automated roaster, which uses calibrated heat intervals to release the maximum potential in every bean.

Our experts have worked tirelessly to design finely tuned roasting profiles for each varietal that we offer, and the results are locked into our system to ensure a flawless roast every time.

Still, precision roasting isn’t enough to make a delicious cup. The real secret is even more deceptively simple: Freshness. Roasted coffee contains a volatile mix of aromatic compounds that begin to decay and oxidize as soon as they’re exposed to air.

That’s all a fancy way of saying that coffee—- like fruit, bread, or milk—- is best enjoyed when fresh and at the peak of its flavor-producing power. In fact, we’ve learned that freshness is the single most important factor in creating a top-quality beverage.

To guarantee that your drink is as flavorful as possible, every batch of Roasting Plant coffee is roasted to order in one of two machines located in our New York City stores. No warehouses or storage facilities are involved; your roasted coffee is either brewed to order in our store or shipped directly to your home when you buy from our online store.

Even with all this attention to detail, guaranteeing you the freshest possible cup of coffee is hardly an easy task. Luckily, Roasting Plant has a magical approach. Click Javabot to learn about how we’ve used cutting-edge technology to reinvent the way your coffee comes to you.


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