If you happen to visit one of our stores, the first thing you'll notice, after the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, is our Javabot™ system. It brings our Roast Master to life at every location from coast-to-coast in the US and our new London Flagship Roastery Cafe.

Right out of Willy Wonka's fantasy world comes a technological marvel, Javabot, the state-of-the-art in coffee, dedicated to one thing: Your perfect cup of coffee. Coffee beans fly through the cafe in clear tubes from green bean towers to our roaster to resting towers. Finally, they take a quick trip over our baristas where your order is quickly ground and brewed by the cup.



We set out to re-invent the experience at retail. It took years of effort and countless hours from a dedicated team of software, hardware and manufacturing engineers, and a bunch of the best coffee experts on the planet. 

Our Roast Master, Genevieve, develops every roast and drink profile. Our Javabot and tightly integrated Swiss-made brewing equipment enable our highly skilled baristas to roast and brew coffee to exacting standards.

Our Javabot roaster monitors ambient environmental factors and adjusts continuously to meet Gen's precise roasting specifications for the perfect roast every time. From London to NYC to mile-high Denver, summer or winter, it's always spot-on. We think it's the most precise roasting system in the world.



Just-Roasted. Just-Brewed. ` Just for You.

Just-roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep.
All orders of $20 and over ship FREE. A low flat rate charge of $5.99 covers all orders falling under $20.