The Finest Beans

Our coffee master travels the world to bring you only the best beans from the most beautiful coffee estates – treating them with love and care that they deserve. All of our beans are the highest Specialty Grade Coffee and fully traceable.
Our quest to bring you the perfect cup of coffee begins in distant reaches of the globe like Indonesia, East Africa, and the Caribbean. These mountainous, tropical regions produce many of the world’s most exceptional coffee beans, and we dedicate our time to tracking down the very best for our customers. By visiting these areas frequently, Roasting Plant has built strong relationships with famous estates and independent growers alike. We are working side by side with local farmers to identify the best lots from each new harvest.

Searching for great coffee around the world is about more than just finding exotic beans. Its real purpose is to uncover unique varietals that will make delicious and distinctive cups of coffee for our customers. Just as wines inherit the unique taste of their terroirs, each coffee bean tells the story of its origin through flavor and aroma when brewed into your cup. At Roasting Plant, we invite you to explore the world of coffee through our 11 exclusive varietals and signature House Blend, each hand-selected to create the most satisfying drink possible.