Colombian Huila Orange Bourbon Finca El mirador



This rare micro-lot is simply exquisite.  This unique anaerobic process brings forth a tropical bouquet with passion fruit and tangerine with rare honey sweetness. Zingy, velvety yet supple. Elkin Guzman of Finca El Mirador continues to produce new and interesting coffees using relentless innovation to drive quality and progress. We are happy to offer this bean for a limited time in a small amount. Make sure to grab a bag while you can!

The Farm Story

Located in the town of Pitalito in Huila, Colombia, El Mirador is a 32-hectare farm with 30 hectares of coffee. The farm includes a broad collection of varieties like Catiope, Mokka, Tabi, and Gesha and three different Bourbon strains, including Orange, Striped, and Pink Bourbon. Caturra is a core variety for the farm as well, making it a staple for volume lots.

Elkin Guzman, the owner of El Mirador, has been surrounded by coffee since he was born. His family has always involved themselves in coffee cultivation, trading, or retail. His family has collectively celebrated over 70 years in the coffee world, with 12 years of research devoted to post-harvest processing techniques. All of this research and experience has brought Elkin to utilize multiple processing techniques depending on an individual lot of coffee, including Coffee Maceration, Lactic and Acetic Natural processes, and Natural Hydro Honey.

Harvest and post-harvest procedures are highly standardized for consistency and quality. First, the coffee cherries' sugar content is measured in degrees Brix, followed by density and volumetric separation. Finally, the decision made on which processing method is best suited to bring each lot to its fullest potential. Elkin's processing methods embody his pioneering spirit, combining different fermentation and drying techniques to complement each coffee's inherent characteristics. In this lot of Orange Bourbon coffee, the team at El Mirador chose Natural processing. Orange Bourbon is a natural mutation of the common Bourbon variety. Diana Devia Sanchez, Elkin's wife, and partner took a trip to Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador. She traveled there to learn more about coffee and Don Gilberto Baraona and his team's work. After a week's visit, they decided to participate in a seed exchange between the two farms. Orange Bourbon was one of the varieties that El Mirador received.

The Natural process at El Mirador starts immediately after harvest. The coffee is sort by floating the cherries in water to remove defects, followed by hand sorting to remove dark and overripe fruit. The coffee is transported to the drying area, drying whole for 25–32 days. During this fermentation and drying period, the coffee is kept in thin layers and moved consistently to ensure consistent drying throughout the process. After milling, the coffee is packed into GrainPro bags to maintain its humidity and preserve the beans' sensory attributes.


Colombia, Huila, El Mirador
Rare Orange Bourbon
1615 meters
Hand-Picked, Hand-Sorted, Washed & Fermented
Small Producer

Flavor Profile

Balanced & Bright
Flavors and Aromas
  • Honey
  • Passion Fruit
  • Tangerine
  • Speculos
  • Bright

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