Just Roasted. Just brewed. Just for you.

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Green Beans

First, The Farm

We source directly from our family of farms and ship hand-selected green coffee beans straight to every Roasting Plant Store

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Javabot Roasting

We roast coffee in micro-batches in every store, brew it to order or ship directly to your door

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Custom Brewed to Order

We grind and brew every cup to order within seven days of roasting, before oxidation steals the coffee’s aroma and flavor

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Your Cup

At every Roasting Plant location, you’re in charge: select any single origin bean or blend up to four varietals for a custom blend of coffee or espresso
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Coffee of the Month

Sumatra Red Supreme Badger

We are celebrating the fresh arrival of this lot of Red Supreme Badger produced by Mr. Umar and his family on the north of Lake Toba shore, close to Kinalang village in the north Sumatra region.

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Featured Coffee

Just Roasted. Just for you.

Just-roasted coffee delivered to your doorstep.
All orders of $50 and over ship FREE. A low flat rate charge of $5.99 covers all orders falling under $50.