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Trust the Science

It’s well-documented that, once roasted, coffee beans are fresh for no more than 2 weeks. You can taste the difference.

Most coffee companies just try to preserve the freshness as much as possible. However, detailed scientific studies have demonstrated that it's a losing effort. Regardless, most simply sell stale coffee beans - and coffee made from stale beans will still taste stale.

We roast our green coffee beans every day in every RP café using our very own state-of-the-art roasting system called Javabot. We use only the highest grade, directly sourced Specialty Beans and spend countless hours creating unique roasting profiles for each to bring out their absolute best characteristics and fullest flavor.

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Our master roaster, Gen

Javabot Roasting

Our Roast Master, Genevieve, develops every roast and drink profile. Our Javabot and tightly integrated Swiss-made brewing equipment enable our highly skilled baristas to roast and brew coffee to exacting standards. Our Javabot roaster monitors ambient environmental factors and adjusts continuously to meet Gen's precise roasting specifications for the perfect roast every time. From London to NYC to mile-high Denver, summer or winter, it's always spot-on. We think it's the most precise roasting system in the world.