Brew Guide

GRIND: Fine table salt
RATIO: 1:17
WATER: 255ml
DOSE: 25gr
TIME: 3:00-3:30min

V60 atop mug
Place paper in filter

Step 01

Place the paper filter into the V60 nice and snug and rinse it with hot water. Place V60 over your favorite mug.

Add grounds to filter

Step 02

Add 15gr of your freshly ground Roasting Plant coffee into the filter.

Pouring water into filter

Step 03

Pour 5ml of just-boiled water on the coffee within 10 sec and watch it bloom!

Pouring more water into filter

Step 04

After 20 sec, finish your remaining water, pouring it in the center of the coffee and spiral to the outer edges and repeat.

Steaming mug of coffee

Step 05

Let the brew finish then enjoy your Just-Roasted Roasting Plant coffee!

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