Yemen Haraaz Red - Exclusive Woman Producer




Yemen Haraaz Red - Exclusive Woman Producer


Yemen is known to produce some of the world’s finest coffee, rich with natural notes of chocolate, cardamom and cinnamon. In fact, Yemen is one of coffee’s ancestral homes and the country that first exported it. But today, it is tough to come by, with less than 1% of the world’s production coming from Yemen.

Coffee lovers now have a rare opportunity to experience coffee from Yemen. Roasting Plant Coffee, the only café chain to freshly roast coffee in all of its stores, is offering Yemeni coffee in its cafes and on its website.

The project was two years in the making. Genevieve Kappler, who travels the world procuring beans for Roasting Plant, met a female farm owner (a rarity in Yemen) on a trip to Western Asia whose crop held promise. By late last year, under Gen’s tutelage, the quality of the farmer’s production rose to Gen’s standards, and she purchased the entire harvest – at a profit to Alina, the grower.


Lets Go Back In Time

Let Roasting Plant take you a step back in time and let it transport you back to the zenith of the 15th century when the air in Arabia Felix, now modern-day Yemen, was suffused with the enticing aroma of coffee. Immerse yourself in a time when coffee was more than just a beverage; it was an integral part of the local culture that delighted the senses, invigorated the body, and forged communal bonds through ritualesque and ceremonial practices. Yemen's untamed passion for this intoxicating brew inundated its very essence with a powerful allure that swept through the world, making coffee Yemen's most significant and alluring trade. Journey alongside merchants who braved vast distances, transcending existential barriers, captivated by the pursuit of the enigmatic and deeply cherished Yemeni coffee beans.

Yemen Coffee Farm With Plush Green Hills

Coffee House Culture

The cherished coffeehouse culture, a hub of vivid social, political, and cultural exchanges, found its inception in the captivating lands of Arabia and Felix. Within these bazaars of intellect and warm embraces, the rich aroma of coffee intertwined with the essence of hospitality, as it gracefully flowed amongst friends, poets, and thinkers alike. These traditional Arab gatherings would greet visitors with a symbolic gesture of offering a cup of coffee accompanied by a cornucopia of dates, fruits, and tantalizing perfumes, weaving an intricate tapestry of camaraderie and shared experiences. As word of the wonder brew travelled beyond the shores of these ancient lands, the story of coffee's popularity in Arabia and Felix reverberated throughout European streets, setting the stage for the worldwide adoption of a beloved beverage and cultural phenomenon. Although the coffeehouse culture had its humble beginnings in the time-worn sands of the Middle East, it truly flourished to become a testament to the human desire for connection, diplomacy, and intellectual stimulation.

The Rare Gem Of coffee

The exquisite taste of Yemeni coffee has been highly sought after for centuries, captivating the palates of coffee lovers from various corners of the world. What makes this gem even more exceptional is the fact that it is increasingly rare today, and thus quite expensive, predominantly due to transportation challenges within the country. Situated amidst an unstable and volatile region, Yemen has been no stranger to conflict, which has considerably complicated the journey of coffee beans from rural farms to eager consumers worldwide. Nevertheless, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our unyielding pursuit for this unique coffee led us to source it directly from women who are actively involved in its production - courageously operating as landowners, pickers, or pillars of the household supporting their families' livelihood through coffee. Despite the cultural and logistical impediments that we faced, the invaluable assistance of our in-country friends and logistics partners made the entire experience rewarding and enlightening, further testament to the resilience and fortitude of Yemeni women and the bewitching allure of their coffee.


3 years later, on December 27th, 2022, our coffee technologist Gen had her second meeting by zoom with Amina, proud Yemeni producer of East Haraaz, owner of the incredible lot we can offer you today.
Amina's story is inspiring; at age 46, she decided to leave the capital city and return to her hometown on the land left by her parents with the firm determination to grow, process and produce a great coffee. We are privileged to be today the first coffee house to be the judges of her achievements and her friends and ambassadors. We invite you to experience it now and tell us your thoughts!

The cup shines with layers of Sicilian oranges and wild forest berries, bourbon vanilla, and chocolate ... it tells her story with a smile, her smile.

Taste the Rich history of yemen with roasting plant

With its rich history and unparalleled flavor profiles, Yemeni coffee remains a highly sought-after treasure in the world of specialty coffee. Despite the numerous challenges posed by the country's ongoing conflict and complex terrain, the determination and resilience of the local community has enabled the production of some of the finest beans, standing as a testament to their unwavering passion for this time-honored craft. One remarkable initiative that has emerged amidst this tumultuous climate is the cultivation of Yemeni coffee by a dedicated network of women entrepreneurs, who have made it their mission to improve their communities while also preserving their country's exquisite coffee heritage. Through their collaborative efforts, these trailblazing women navigated the cultural and logistical obstacles to bring this rare and delectable treat to the global coffee community. Their pursuit of excellence, along with the indomitable spirit of their nation, ensures that the captivating story of Yemeni coffee will continue to enthrall and enchant coffee aficionados across the globe for generations to come.