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Laguna de Los Cóndores translates as ‘Lagoon of the Condors’. Farmers in Luya Province, deep in the Amazon Region, are proud of their heritage as people of the mountains, living as high as the condors can fly. They speak of their ancestors, the Chillaos, as people who were made strong and “indomitable” by their lives among the clouds in the high Andes.

The members of the cooperative see coffee as their heritage: a source of energy, strength, and courage for their ancestors and an integral part of social, cultural, and economic life for member farmers.

For members of the Cooperativa Cafetalera Laguna de Los Cóndores, coffee cultivation has long been an integral part of their lives. Growing coffee at such altitudes (sometimes up to 2,300 meters) can be complex, but those that live in Luya Province, Peru, have been handing down the tradition for generations. The result is a coffee seeped in heritage with a great, multi-purpose cup profile.

About Cooperativa Cafetalera Laguna de los Cóndores

Cooperativa Cafetalera Laguna de Los Cóndores grew out of recognizing that the global coffee market was changing. While people in the mountains in Luya have been farming coffee since the 1600s, the modern market demands bring a completely different set of challenges. 

Member farmers focus on improving production techniques to create a high-quality product that stands out among coffee production in Peru and the world. 

The cooperative is rooted in the breathtaking vistas of its home. One particular mountain in Luya is central to the life and culture of those who live among the hills. The Black Mountain—or Sacha Yana, in the native language, Quechua— is named for its dizzyingly high altitudes that reach over 3,000 meters above sea level. Sacha Yana’s slopes are hidden beneath a blanket of native trees. The forests provide homes for a wide range of native wildlife and a beautiful lagoon. Native Andean Condors often visit the lagoon to drink and hunt.

Peru, Amazonas Region, Luya
Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Caturra, Mundo Novo, Pache
1,800 to 2,300 meters
Fully Washed and Sun-Dried
Fair Trade

Flavor Profile

Mild & Sweet
Flavors and Aromas
  • Honey
  • Toffee
  • Chocolate
  • Round
  • Mellow

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